Take A Tour Of The Jennifer Lopez Versace Hall Of Fame On 'House Of Style'

In this episode of House Of Style, our host Iggy Azalea sits down with Jennifer Lopez (her idol and ours) at the Versace store on L.A.'s famous Rodeo Drive. The floor is set up with a kind of ~Jennifer Lopez Versace Hall Of Fame~ (unofficial name for the archival pieces we pulled and stationed in the shop), dripping with some of her favorite tour costumes over the years done by the legendary Italian fashion house (plus, yes, that one dress from the Grammys).

Watch House Of Style: Jennifer Lopez And Versace

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Their conversation lingers on performance wares when Iggy asks Jennifer to reveal her favorite kind of costume to wear onstage. Spoiler alert: It's onesies! And while we've definitely seen Iggy wear them before, she admits that jumpsuits are difficult for her to wear. Summarized in a hashtag, #bigbootyproblems (something J.Lo knows a thing or two about, too).

Versace and, TBH, fashion in general have been a major driving force in J.Lo's life and career, and in a move that calls back to her early years living in the Bronx—before she was ever able to afford Versace—she took that influence and channeled it into a line with Kohl's at a more accessible pricepoint. Peep the ladies' full conversation and J.Lo's tour of her fave VersaceVersaceVersace in this episode of House Of Style!

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