TBT: These Sexy 2005 'Sin City' Premiere Photos Are To Kill For

Relive the original just in time for the sequel.

It was a premiere... A premiere to kill for. And all the stars of the original "Sin City" were out in force in 2005, dressed up in their finest finery for the debut of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's visionary movie.

Well, except for most of the guys who looked like shlubs. BUY A SUIT, BRUCE WILLIS.

Anyway, the ladies - and a few of the guys - were looking sexier than some sort of sexy crime, like sex murder, or sex burglary. Here's a look back at all the looks that make us want to sin... City.

Rosario Dawson And Jason Lewis Face The Crowds

Marley Shelton's Got Back

Jaime King Holds Your Heart In That Little Bag

Clive Owen Just Got Off Work, And Is Ready To Hit The Premiere

Robert Rodriguez Had That Camera Surgically Attached To His Hand

Devon Aoki Pulls Off An Impossible Pose Straight Out Of The Movie

Sexy Hobbitses

You Go, Gilmore Gurl

Brittany Murphy Blows Sin City A Kiss

Rosario Dawson Is Definitely Going To Grab Jaime King's Arm, Right?

Brittany Murphy Looking Fierce

Carla Gugino: Classic

...And Of Course, Nancy Herself, Jessica Alba

"Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" hits theaters on August 22.