Relive The 2013 VMAs With This Amazing Rap Recap Music Video

This funny hip-hop song perfectly celebrates the awesome highlights from 2013's MTV Video Music Awards.

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards will shine brightly in the record books for all eternity. Wait, are there record books for twerkin'? If not, there will be soon and Miley Cyrus’s performance against Robin Thicke’s midsection will be one of the first entries.

While Miley's hard-workin' butt was the night's biggest highlight, plenty of moments made the show unforgettable: Lady Gaga sported a shell bikini, *NSYNC reunited, Macklemore made an inspired statement for equal rights, Katy Perry know what, it's better to relive via the funny rap video above.

Props to Pat Noth and Morgan Evans for the awesome work they put into this video.