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See The $80,000 Beer Fort This Guy Built In A Las Vegas Nightclub

What else are you going to do with 400 cases of beer? NOT build a giant fort on the middle of a dance floor? (Oh yeah, Diplo took a photo with it.)

In the magical land that is Las Vegas, all of your childhood hobbies can be enjoyed in adult ways. Dominating your friends in Monopoly turns into jacking strangers' money at high-stakes poker games, and your love of constructing the perfect blanket fort apparently becomes constructing an epic beer fort, if you happen to win big at that poker table.

Last Monday, at a poolside bash at XS Nightclub, a blazin’ rich dude ordered 9,600 cans of beer, then proceeded to build a giant fort around his exclusive VIP table. The club didn’t confirm the purchase amount, but estimates place it at a whopping $80K.

ESPN analyst Darren Rovell was on hand to document the master builder’s craftsmanship, and it looks pretty effin’ awesome.

EDM god Diplo was also there—because of course he was—and couldn’t resist snapping a selfie with the fortress of suds:

We don’t know the beer fort builder’s name, his story or his current blood alcohol level (one can only imagine), but we do know he’s managed to become a certified legend. Building a nightclub-within-a-nightclub where you can enclose all your friends and never have to reach more than an arm’s length to grab another drink? Vegas has a winner.