The 5 Best Covers Of The Infamous 'Saved By The Bell' Theme Song

The Internet is a magical place.

Real "Saved By The Bell" fans know the show's cheesey, air-guitar-friendly theme song by heart. Even MORE legit "SBTB" fanatics create covers of the famous tune because, well, that's what you do to pay homage to EPIC masterpieces.

Nothing will ever top the original created by composer Scott Gale (BTW, that's the same guy who wrote the "Golden Girls" theme song), but these die-hard fans versions are pretty dang close. Hike up your acid-washed jeans and do "The Sprang" to some of the best.

1. What would the opening theme song sound like with an emotional, acoustic guitar and John Mayer/Bob Dylan vibe? Randy Haddock's version offers a peek.

2. Everyone's ALWAYS wondered what the tune would sound like if it were performed with a ukulele. Dreams come true because of Dog Coffee (Ian Critchley).

3. Ukelele not your thing? That's cool -- enjoy this drum version by The Mask Drummer instead.

4. But what about two cute guys, one piano, and a fiddle solo -- A FIDDLE! Luckily, the band TalkFine has got your back.

5. If you're a purest and were hoping for a guy wearing a blond wig karaoking to the song in his bedroom, Brandon Field and his cover tune will be more your speed. (Also, if this version isn't magical to you in every way, you may be boring.)