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Here's How Fans React When Daniel Radcliffe Surprises Them At 'What If' Movie Screenings

'A cunning, but hopefully joyful act of deception.'

"OH MY GOD! Oh my God, ohmygod, ohmygod!" is pretty much the appropriate response to Daniel Radcliffe surprising fans in a movie theater. And that's exactly the reaction the "What If" star elicited when he snuck up on unsuspecting moviegoers following a screening of the film. One girl jumped about seven feet away from him and could hardly take the shock!

In the Buzzfeed Video, fans were interviewed under the guise of sharing their thoughts on the movie, but in reality they were summoned to be surprised by the star.

Amid fans swooning over the movie itself in the clip – Fans are busy co-signing "What If" with reactions like "It was really adorable," "It was really funny," and "It was really whimsical" when Radcliffe sneakily jumps into the conversations and introduces himself. And the results are just so charming—the fans reactions were priceless.

"I am freaking out!" says one, and who wouldn't? Hugs are exchanged and Radcliffe seems genuinely happy and even a little relieved that the moviegoers loved his film. "What if they hated it?" he wonders aloud.

"That was me scaring the s--- out of a bunch of people, which is always fun," Radcliffe said. "It is always nice to like get that kind of genuine reaction from people... I was just delighted that they were into the idea."

Given how down to earth Radcliffe is with his fans, we'd venture to say he had nothing at all to worry about!