Watch Kevin Spacey AKA Frank Underwood Prank Call Hillary Clinton

Turns out Spacey does a spot-on Bill Clinton impersonation.

If you're anything like us, you've marathoned through "House Of Cards" and are jonesing for more. Fortunately, Underwood has returned to cook up a hilarious video with none other than former First Lady and U.S. senator Hillary Clinton.

In this video for the The Clinton Foundation featuring Spacey is full-blown Underwood, but playing just one character isn't enough for him, so he prank calls Hillary Clinton pretending to be Bill.

For the clip, "Underwood" does a spot-on Bill Clinton impersonation and implores Hillary to purchase an elephant for his upcoming birthday. In reality, Bill turns 68 this Tuesday, (August 19), but the gift request is a reference to Hillary and Chelsea Clinton's campaign to curb elephant poaching and ivory trafficking.

"Don't you think that could be a little dangerous for our dogs?," Hillary deadpans. Undeterred, Spacey/Underwood/Clinton/ then suggests some choice names for Chelsea's baby, but his gag is up when Hillary calls Spacey out and asks him to sign Bill's birthday card.

There's also a clever reference to Hillary's potential presidential bid, which we won't spoil for you.

Silly Frank, at this point in the game, there's just no fooling Hillary.