Jason Statham And Jimmy Fallon Face Off In The Ultimate Hamster Ball Race

"The Expendables 3" star owns his competition

Jimmy Fallon had to know the odds were stacked against him when he challenged action star Jason Statham to a Hamster Ball Race. On Friday's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" the pair both put on their game faces, but only one would emerge the winner.

Yes, that's right, two grown men racing each other in a simulated "hamster ball" style by running inside of two clear, blow-up balls like little hamsters do to keep themselves occupied.

Statham, who stopped by the show to promote "The Expendables 3," was practically born to win races, just consider see his butt-kicking roles in "Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, "The Italian Job" and "Crank," among others.

He unsurprisingly owned "The Tonight Show" host, easily clearing the designated dancing panda bear halfway marker, but not before doing the equivalent of a hamster ball "fist bump" as he circled to the finish line in Rockefeller Plaza.

There was no bad blood after the contest, though: the out-of-breath Fallon pointed to Statham, saying, "The champ, the best guy, Jason Statham right there. You killed it, buddy!" Indeed. We'd like to see Statham against a real, live hamster next!