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The 'Downton Abbey' Cast Have Addressed Water Bottle-Gate In An Awesome Way


The cast of "Downton Abbey" is coming clean. After an accidental water bottle was featured on the mantle behind press portraits of The Earl and Lady Edith, the internet—this News source included—was up in arms over the obvious oopsie. We may not be historians, but we do know that no waters may they be Fiji, Smart, or any other liquid beverage would be bottled in plastic in 1920's England. (Thank you endless lecturer in HIST 112.)

The Brits had a jovial sense of humor about the whole bit, posting a picture of the "Downton Abbey" cast on their Facebook page embracing "water bottle-gate," admitting the un-cropped version of the image that featured the water bottle "sparked a global press frenzy" once found by the Internet. The cast is using the media attention to promote the work of international charity WaterAid, which aims to provide clean water and toilets to poor communities.

Downtown Abbey Facebook

Barbara Frost, Chief Executive of WaterAid, said “It brought a really big smile to my face when the cast of Downton Abbey said that they wanted to support WaterAid’s work. How fantastic that the attention created over one water bottle ends up benefiting some of the world’s poorest communities through access to safe, clean water today. Every pound and penny WaterAid receives will be matched by the UK Government, which means we can reach twice as many people with desperately needed clean water and sanitation."

You can donate online here.

The fifth season of “Downton Abbey” will air in the U.S. in January 2015.