Watch Aubrey Plaza Explain Her Penis-Filled Summer

That's what she said.

Aubrey Plaza has a good reason for being surrounded by penises this summer. She was bestowed with the title of Maid Of Honor in a wedding, she spilled to Conan last night.

She began her stint on the talk show with a sentence that almost left Conan speechless: "So. Many. Penises." Let her explain. This summer, she was doing her due diligence as MOH by making sure the bachelorette party in Delaware—for which the hashtag #JUSTDEWEYIT was also created—had plenty, nay, even endless penis props and party favors all around.

The "Life After Beth" star prepped for the event by shipping the penis paraphernalia to her mom's house, who was a tad surprised to find dick-shaped lollipops, hats and necklaces in place of her other daughter's Catholic school uniforms. But the real fun ramped up once the girls hit the beach.

And the cake they acquired was so, uh, realistic, that Conan wouldn't even show it on TV! Luckily, it's on Twitter:

And finally, Penis relaxes.

But the action didn't stop there. Aubrey filled Conan in on all the details of the debaucherous bachelorette party, noting that her fellow bridesmaids filled the "male stripper" quota with two local dudes from the beach.

The volunteers were very down to take it all off, and although the presentation was a little amateur, they were complete professionals about being compensated.

"They got what was coming for them," Plaza said. And apparently, so did Aubrey.