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'World Of Warcraft' Will Memorialize Player Robin Williams

He was an avid gamer.

Days after comedian Robin Williams' death, the tributes and memorials to the beloved star continue to pour in. Today, the designers of the "World of Warcraft" video game announced yet another: Williams will find new life as a fictional character in the massive multi-player game.

According to the LA Times, the lead designer of the games, Ion Hazzikosta, announced Thursday (August 14) that a fan petition to include Williams in the game that he loved so much had been successful.

The petition on, launched soon after news of Williams' death spread, garnered nearly 11,000 signatures in mere days.

The next expansion of the game's virtual universe is set to be released on November 13. Game designers have not yet announced what form the tribute to Williams will take.

This might not be the only in-game tribute to Williams, either. He was also a huge fan of the classic video game "The Legend of Zelda," so much so that he named his daughter Zelda.

"It's a sweet name and really kinda fits her, she's really kinda magical," Williams once told Jimmy Fallon of his daughter's name.

His son, Cody, is also named after a character from the game Final Fight. The actor spoke at length in a Reddit AMA about being excited for the new X-Box, and he was said to have interacted with gaming fans on in-game boards.

The father-daughter duo once did a commercial for a Nintendo DS release of The Legend of Zelda.

As of this writing, a petition on to include a character named "Robin" in the next release of a Zelda game had nearly 79,000 signatures.