Demi Lovato Accidentally Walked Into Her Rumored Boyfriend's Instagram Live — And It Was Adorable

The 'Anyone' singer laughed and quickly scurried out of the frame

Did Demi Lovato just confirm her recently rumored relationship with Max Ehrich? Well, not quite. But the pop star's certainly not spending this period of self-isolation alone. The "Anyone" singer accidentally walked into The Young and the Restless star's Instagram Live over the weekend before quickly scurrying out of the frame. And even though it wasn't on purpose, it was actually pretty adorable.

"I'm on Live," Ehrich whispered while playing piano, warning Lovato before she stepped into view. But when she realized what he was saying, it was already too late, and she quickly covered her face with a blanket before letting out a giggle and kindly seeing herself out.

While Lovato's accidental appearance in Ehrich's IG Live isn't quite the confirmation fans have been looking for, it's not the only evidence the internet has come across that suggests these two might be more than friends. Just a few days prior, Ehrich posted a brief cover of Coldplay's "Yellow" to his Instagram feed, which he captioned, "4D🌹<3." Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that they've been leaving flirty comments on each other's posts.

Though the evidence might seem convincing, it's important to remember that both Lovato and Ehrich have not confirmed their rumored romance. Plus, Lovato appeared as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month, where she revealed that she was single and not seeing anyone.

"I was on dating apps for a while but as I've spent some time with myself over the past couple months, I realized that I am the type of person that will find any way to regulate when I'm sad or lonely or whatever," she said. "I have to fight those battles on my own and I can't let somebody come in and fix those issues for me. So right now, I'm single and spending my Saturday nights by myself."

Whether Lovato had a change of heart remains unclear. What we do know, though, is that we'll be keeping our eyes glued to any future Instagram Live's hosted by the rumored pair. Lovato already walked in once, so who's to say she won't do it again?

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