Watch Mac Miller Slow-Dance...With His Dog

The 'Most Dope' rapper looks ready for a stint on 'Dancing With the Stars,' with Ralphie in tow!

Playing fetch isn't how Mac Miller entertains his "Most Dope" pooches -- at least, not when ballroom dancing is an option.

In this bonus scene of last night's episode, Mac shares some quality time with his cuddly canine Ralphie. They start out by sharing a waltz, but then move on to -- wait for it -- baseball.

"Bottom of the ninth inning, bases loaded, and the pitch," Mac says, using Ralphie's arms as a pretend bat.

Just make sure you don't swing him around too much, Mac. He's not exactly housebroken yet...

Check out the cute clip, and watch "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" Wednesdays at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2!