Braintree Police Department

Man Arrested For 'Let's Be Cops' Prank With His $100K Maserati

Perhaps the paint job was meant as satire, but police say it's still impersonating an officer.

If the previews are any indication, the new buddy cop flick “Let’s Be Cops,” which opens today, looks pretty fun. A couple of guys pretend to be policemen...what could be more hilariously idiotic than that?

Well, apparently there are people in real life willing to try this crazy stunt. A guy from Braintree, Massachusetts, has been summoned to district court over charges of disguising his Maserati as a cop car. According to police, the $100,000 sports car “was made to look like a police cruiser.”

It appears Boston Dip and Detail seriously went all out -- from a police-style shield on the doors to decal stickers for 911 and speed enforcement. But one small oversight caught an officer's attention: The car was missing the standard, police-style blue lights on top. (Also, Braintree cops don't drive Maseratis.)

Plus, the vehicle's shield said, “To punish and enslave,” rather than the police motto, “To protect and serve.” Ouch. Now the guy’s been charged with impersonating a police officer, which we’re guessing is probably the same fate that awaits our “Let’s Be Cops” protagonists.

The driver already has an excuse lined up. He insists that he was helping police all along, “because other drivers...slowed down, thinking it was a police vehicle,” the local deputy police chief told the Star Ledger.

We don’t see that defense being very convincing in court. Instead, leave it to the movie stars to act out all your cop fantasies, and maybe have a little more respect for your next Maserati -- it's not a toy, dude!