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Robin Williams Brings Comedy To 'TRL' In Vintage Clip

Williams stopped by the MTV show back in 2006.

Robin Williams was easily a thousand personalities in one. From "Mrs. Doubtfire" to "Good Morning, Vietnam" and "Dead Poets Society," the charismatic comedian always carried his boatload of characters both onscreen and off.

And as we mourn the death of one of America's most celebrated actors, we also look back on a life that made the world a little happier.

During his first-ever appearance on "TRL" back in 2006, Williams charmed the audience with his signature voice-character routine. Watch him launch into everyone from an African tribal leader to a good-ol-boy Oil tycoon.

Robin Williams' Best Off-Screen Moments

Always one to greet his fans with a warm heart, Williams even took time out to speak with a Houston fan via webcam during the same episode. He met Lindsay's nervous energy with his own hyper excitement and answered a few questions including a reveal of his favorite film work.

"Personally, there's actually two. One is 'Dead Poets Society.' And other is 'Aladdin,' just because I had so much fun doing the voice."