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How Robin Williams' Movies Have Changed Our Lives At Every Age

By Danica Davidson

The news of Robin Williams' passing has people reflecting about just how much he's affected us. He's been in a ton of movies, many of them household names, and many of them impacted our lives, starting in our childhoods. Here's how Robin Williams' films have touched us.

As a Kid


The Genie in "Aladdin" was a joy to us in our early years, and he also taught us important lessons like telling the truth.


As a full-grown Peter Pan, Robin Williams showed us how to never give up our youthful spark or the imagination of childhood. Two characteristics Robin seemed to keep with him through his entire life.

"Mrs. Doubtfire"

Many kids deal with the reality of a parents’ divorce, so we have no doubt that "Mrs. Doubtfire" helped many kids feel less alone – while also causing them to laugh like crazy.


C'mon, who didn't love "Jumanji" when they were little? And who didn't (kinda sorta) wish to have a board game just like the one in the movie?

Your Teenage Years

"The Birdcage"

Anyone dealing with homophobia from family members learned a lot about understanding from "The Birdcage."

"Dead Poets Society"

This movie inspired to love learning, and honor our teachers. Maybe this movie even inspired some in our audience to become teachers or tutors as well!

When You’ve Grown Up

"Good Will Hunting"

Robin's character changed the life of young genius Will Hunting, and we can see how he's changed all our lives as well.

"What Dreams May Come"

Death doesn't mean we have to stop loving a person. We're going to miss you, Robin. We're going to miss you a lot.