Robin Williams' Description Of What Makes Life Worth Living Will Break Your Heart

'There are so many things that I really treasure.'

As the world reels from the loss of Robin Williams, many of us have taken a look back throughout the actor and comedian's career and found comfort in his words. Over the course of the day, we've looked through our own archive for interviews Williams had done with MTV, and one in particular stuck out.

In 1998, we spoke with Williams for his film "What Dreams May Come," which deals directly with death and the idea of an afterlife. During the talk, Williams weighed in with his thoughts about life and what he hoped people would take away from the film.

"It attracted me at the same time that it scared me, because it is so personal for so many people," Williams said of portraying heaven on the screen. "Even doing this movie, everyone is a little tentative about how we portray this.... Saying that you create, you can manifest that, it makes it very personal and frees you from those restraints."

When questioned about his own beliefs, Williams turned the focus to what he had in life, as opposed to his feelings about what came after it.

"My life now is extraordinary. It's full of amazing people and such gifts, in terms of everything around me. I'm just so in awe of how I am right now," he said. "It makes me examine how precious the connections I have in this life [are]: family, friends. There are so many things that I really treasure. If anyone comes away with anything from the movie, if they look at their own life and really realize what they have or who is in their life, then that's interesting. Then I've accomplished something."