Our Favorite Flavor Of Johnny Depp Is Back In The 'Mortdecai' Trailer

A movie so raucous, we're calling it a romp.

Who the hell is this Mortdecai fella, eh? Is he a criminal? An aristocrat? An investigator? A total nincompoop? Though the trailer gave us very little information beyond most assuredly confirming the latter, Johnny Depp's latest bit of cinematic tomfoolery has colored us intrigued.

Upon further investigation into the new film's origins, "Mortdecai" follows the hijinks of bumbling art dealer Charles Mortdecai as he searches for a stolen painting allegedly linked to lost Nazi gold. And it's chockablock with everyone's favorite iteration of the actor: Wacky Johnny Depp.

The blonde hair. The silly mustache (which you must pronounce as mou-stache, it's imperative). The man-servant played by Paul Bettany of all folks. Olivia Munn's shocked faces at the sight of him. This one's a-gonna be a caper, folks.

"Mortdecai" stars Depp alongside the aforementioned Bettany and Munn, in addition to Aubrey Plaza, Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oliver Platt, and everyone's favorite wedding guest Jeff Goldblum. It steals into theaters February 5, 2015.