Jennifer Lopez And Tyler Posey Have A Surprise 'Maid In Manhattan' Reunion At Teen Choice Awards

Tyler busts moves to be J. Lo's backup dancer.

While Jennifer Lopez was readying to present a Teen Choice Award, she was given a surprise herself. All was going as planned, with J. Lo strutting her beautiful stuff onstage on her way to the mic.

But then her "son" from "Maid In Manhattan" entered the stage. Remember when, way back in 2002 when Tyler Posey was in the now-classic movie? Yeah, that's right. The Teen Choice Awards co-host and "Teen Wolf" star didn't forget either.

And everyone was all like, Whoa! OMG:

After exchanging a warm hug, Tyler says, "I know we haven't seen each other since 'Maid In Manhattan' forever ago, but I thought that if you needed a backup dancer, I'd fit." And then demonstrated his moves.

Well... maybe Posey should stick to his day job. "Maid In Manhattan 2: All Grown Up," anyone?