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Watch These Commuters Push Their Train To Save A Trapped Passenger

29-year-old Andy walked away from what could have been a deadly accident.

A commuter's worst fear is to be trapped by a train, and an Australian man found himself in that very situation this week. But instead of the nightmare situation turning fatal, the Perth man was able to escape unscathed due to the help of his fellow commuters.

This past Wednesday, Andy was waiting to get on the train when his foot slipped. While his leg was trapped between the platform and the train, the crowd realized what was happening and banded together to push the train. Scores of bystanders and Transperth rail staff physically rocked the train, getting it to move from its suspension enough for Andy to remove his leg.

Watching the happen is heart-stopping—if you've ever taken a train, the idea of missing the gap and being pinned has probably crossed your mind. But it's seeing everyone around Andy joining together to save him that's truly a beautiful, rare thing.

In a recent interview with PerthNow he explained his dilemma.

"The outcome could have been terrible, worse case scenario I could've lost my leg," he said. "I was sort of a bit wobbly on my feet, it took me a while to sort of get my balance."

Transperth spokesman David Hynes said his staff quickly directed the rescue.

"The man was freed safely and we handed him over to emergency services. "We understand that he was not badly injured because he stayed at the station and boarded a later train to the city," he said.

The 29-year-old Andy has been surprised at the attention the story has received, saying, "I was amazed, I had no idea it was that big of an incident. Thanks to the commuters who were probably held up and late to work, and took the time to get out of the train and help tilt the train to free me."

Watch the full video below, and please, remember to mind the gap!