Jeff Bridges And Taylor Swift Jammed Together On 'The Giver' Set Between Takes

Of course Bridges and Fallon gushed about Taylor during 'The Tonight Show'

Jeff Bridges stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Friday to promote "The Giver" (out August 15), where he most importantly talked about jamming with Taylor Swift. What?! Is The Dude the only one that's heard Taylor's brand new single? Weird.

In addition to discussing his 18-year pursuit to make the movie, he and Fallon talked about their love of Taylor Swift. "I can't get enough of Taylor Swift, she is unbelievable and talented," Fallon gushed. And Bridges explained that he jammed with Swift both during the flick and in between takes. "Most of our scenes are on the piano," he revealed. "Between setups we broke out the gits [guitars]... We just jammed, it was wonderful."

Anyway, he also gave the scoop on the movie and deadpanned some intel on his Dodgers game first pitch. As for Bridges windup-to-rolling-the-baseball first pitch at Dodgers Stadium on August 1, he told Fallon it was not a reference to "The Big Lebowski" (though we suspect he was being facetious): "No, no, no. It was misinterpreted. It was a bocce ball reference."

Fallon, never one to miss meme-worthy moments, also made sure to ask Bridges the burning duck-sized horse/horse-sized ducks question since Bridges' recent Reddit AMA never got around to asking it. We won't spoil the answer for you, watch below.