Freddie Gibbs Accuses Jeezy Of Lying About Their Relationship

"I didn't take a dollar from Young Jeezy."

It's clear that Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs still have some lingering issues to sort out with each other, but it's still unclear exactly where they went wrong. In the past week Jeezy has finally given his side of the story, but Gibbs dropped by Hot 97 on Tuesday and accused his former boss of spreading lies.

"You heard the movie version and I'm about to give you the real version," Gibbs said during his visit to "Ebro in the Morning." He went on to address Jeezy's claims that he was late to shoots, wasted his funding and even sabotaged his relationship with Eminem. He also noted that he still respects the CTE CEO, despite their issues.

"The reason things didn't work out between me and Jeezy is just because of our approach to the industry," he said. "I wanted to approach my career in a different way and us not seeing eye-to-eye, is eventually what happened."

The Gary, Indiana native explained that he lashed out at Jeezy in songs because of the lies he was spreading between their mutual friends, and now to the press.

"He made it seem like he saved some little poor Gary boy [in] the rap game, but that definitely isn't the case," Gibbs explained. "Before I got with Jeezy I was on the cover of XXL, on tours and making money. I didn't take a dollar from Young Jeezy -- so that $300-400k thing, that's a total lie. I never took a dollar from Jeezy, no advance, or anything of that nature."

He did admit though, that Jeezy was telling the truth about spending money on a video that was never used.

"We shot one video and that got trashed because it wasn't to my liking," Gibbs admitted. "[But] this is the business, we all do things that lose money. I shoot videos all the time out of my pocket and if I don't like 'em I just trash 'em and go back to the drawing board. So he might've took a loss right there, but any other losses that he was speaking of, that was truly untrue."

Jeezy also insinuated that Gibbs put a strain on his relationship with Eminem, and the 32-year-old wasn't having any of that.

"How did I mar your relationship with Eminem? I wasn't involved in that whole process," he said. "He brought a song to me, asked me to get on it, and I got on it. I was just doing what my superior at that time was telling me to do. I actually, honestly, was against it. I didn't wanna get on the Eminem song because, for one, I ain't like the song."

"He made it seem like I leaked the record. I have no control of Jeezy's records. So that was untrue."

Watch the full interview in the video above.