Exclusive: The Real Story Behind The Guy Spraying His Drunk Neighbor In The D--k Video

Kevin Cease explains why he turned the hose on his neighbor and the viral craziness that followed.

With Madeline Roth

This weekend, Kevin Cease got so fed up with his neighbor's drunken trespassing that he sprayed him (in the d*ck) with a hose, took video footage of the incident and uploaded it on YouTube. He says he did it just to show his friends and make them laugh. Once it hit Reddit though, it popped and made the front page in under an hour. Cease felt sorry for his neighbor and hated the backlash from online haters, so he took the video down. That didn't stop a bunch of people from stealing the video, uploading it on their own accounts and even crediting it as their own.

That's why Cease decided to reload the video on his YouTube account and speak to MTV News about what happened before he hit the record button and the viral fallout afterward.

MTV News: What's your relationship like with this neighbor?

Kevin Cease: Hosey. It’s pretty hosey.

MTV: So what's his deal?

Cease: He usually means well, really he does. He’s just pissed me off several times in the past, and I’ve had to figure out how to deal with it. This really started when he would drive over my septic tank and tell me it’s OK. Like, how about just showing me a little respect and DON’T drive through my yard when I ask you not to? Nope. Continued to just drive right through the middle of it without a care in the world. He constantly is saying the worst kind of stuff to me, and expects me to not react. Like one time he told me he could kill me and he can read my mind. Who says stuff like that and expects nothing to happen?

One night he came over really heavily under the influence and tried to convince me it’s OK for him to drive through my lawn, and then called my mother an idiot because she was concerned it would damage the tank. After this and some drunken life advice about how I shouldn’t lift weights, I told him to get out of my house probably 15-20 times, finally screaming at him. I felt like he was trying to start a fist fight, so I finally opened up the door and pushed him out. Later on, a friend of mine who is a cop told me that I cant get physical with him, even if he wouldn’t leave. Since then, he has come over multiple times, and I have warned him not to come over when under the influence. Yes, I have that on video as well because I want to protect myself in case something should happen. Like this. So I keep my camera phone ready if I think he’s coming.

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MTV: Did you put the video up for revenge, to shame him, or just because it's funny?

Cease: I really didn’t expect the video to go viral. I put it up because I wanted to share it with a few people close to me. Then a friend said I should post it on Reddit, and it just took off. It made front page in like a half hour. I really had no intentions of shaming him. The thing is, I just see it as a man got wet. Some people act like I set the man on fire and pissed on him to put it out. Really, I gave multiple verbal warnings, then I fired a few warning shots. If it were really that bad, he could have just done a 180 and left, but you can tell he wants to put up a fight. He just glares at me while his hair whips around. Then if you notice about halfway into the video I say, “I will spray you again.” and he just looks at me and says, “REALLY?” Like “I dare you. I dare you to continue to spray me more.” Then I just fire it at his d*ck and he continues to stare. If he had any respect or dignity left, he just threw it out by trying to prove a point. Anyone else would have just left like a normal person. So it’s all his choice to get wet.

MTV: Why'd you decide to take the video down?

Cease: I didn’t really know what to make of the video going viral, and I felt some of the explanations I gave online weren’t thoughtful enough. I started feeling a little bad because of all the haters, but then after I pulled it I saw it continued to go viral. I also realize the internet is the source of the most hateful ignorant comments ever, and I really don’t give a f--k what anyone thinks about me getting my neighbor wet. Then I realized I was going to get the consequences but none of the credit and I decided to get copyright over the video. I mean, other people were taking credit for spraying my neighbor. No one does that but me!

MTV: You had another video of him drunk and singing on your porch from earlier that day [Cease has since taken the video down]. What was that about?

Cease: It was just him singing Michael McDonald or something. He really likes Michael McDonald and makes sure everyone within a square mile knows this.


Look how huge Kevin is next to Santa. His drunk neighbor seems ballsier...or even dumber...for messing with him now.
MTV: Has your neighbor seen the video?

Cease: Yes, he has seen it. I don’t know if he laughed or he's pissed. But the day after I uploaded it and pulled it, I went over and apologized and brought him a six pack of beer — something I didn’t want to give him but what else would you give a man like that? When he answered the door he was just like, “Hey bud!” I wasn’t sure if he even remembered the day before. Then, he said he decided to quit drinking. I think he deserves the credit for that!

MTV: How did you find out about someone swiping the video? Have you tried to get YouTube to take the others down?

Cease: How could I have not found out? It’s everywhere and it’s weird how much attention it got. I mean, it’s a dude getting wet. I think I should upload it in reverse so I can finally dry him off.

MTV: Your brother is comic Kyle Cease. Did he give you any advice on the video?

Cease: My brother had nothing to do with the video, but he was pissed after he found out someone else was taking credit for my video. He’s very supportive and wanted to help, but at the time I still wanted the video pulled everywhere and I told him to just ignore it while I try to get YouTube to drop the videos. He did mention I should do TV interviews with a hose nozzle in my hand pointing it at everyone.

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Turns out, Cease DID in fact upload another video of the whole debacle in reverse. Ah, closure.