Jared Kocka

The Ready Set's Jordan Witzigreuter Gets Trashy With Kitty (Pryde): Listen

Hear what happened when Jordan met Kitty.

If you had the chance to catch one of the dates of the Warped Tour this summer, which just wrapped up its run in Denver on Sunday, then you already know that The Ready Set threw the biggest dance party of the lineup.

Although The Ready Set dropped The Bad & The Better just before the tour began, Jordan Witzigreuter and company had another song at the ready -- "Trash Talking Love," which premiered today on Popcrush. And for the track, Witzigreuter enlisted the aid of Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde) to lay down a verse and color in the corners of the swinging number.

"It's a song I'd written during the process of writing the album, but I wanted to do it as an extra thing," Witzigreuter explained over the phone on the way back to Los Angeles. "I wanted to kind of have one more surprise before we announced the fall tour."

"Trash Talking Love" is a departure from the type of amped-up electro-pop you might expect. Witzigreuter harnesses a languid, slinky romantic croon over a scraping-percussion beat, and some throw-back jazz-era embellishments that wouldn't sound out of place on Panic! At The Disco's early catalog.

"That's definitely the response I've gotten," he says of its distinctive style. "People seem to like the difference of it. I like doing stuff like that to catch people off guard a little bit."

As for Kitty's involvement, the two share a manager and had been talking about doing a song together for a while he says. "I wrote this song, and left the bridge open, and it seemed like it was perfect for her. I sent it to her and she was into it. I'm really happy with the way it turned out."

Kitty's laconic flow fills in the story of the song, which Witzigreuter says, is sort of a play on a Bonnie and Clyde-style romance. Not that that's something he can literally relate to. "I haven't robbed anyone or stolen anything or anything like that," he jokes. "But there's always tomorrow."

The Ready Set is about to announce a headlining fall tour. Based on the reactions he got on Warped -- "The crowds were incredible. The reactions to the new music were getting better and better. That was a cool way to launch the album," Witzigreuter gushed -- houses will be packed.