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Ellie Goulding Hates Pizza, Might Not Be A Human Being After All

Is it really possible this pop princess hates everyone's favorite food?

It’s a sad, sad day, Earthlings. We have lost a human being -- even worse, a beautiful, famous human being -- to the dark side. Yep, Ellie Goulding has decreed that she does not like pizza.


She-who-must-not-be-named took to Twitter this afternoon to tweet this series of cringe-worthy pizza-related revelations:

YES, ELLIE YOU ARE *LITERALLY* THE ONLY ONE. Side note: How do you even know what a blanket tastes like? You’re telling me you’d rather eat a fuzzy, hairy BLANKET over the cheesy, saucy deliciousness that is pizza? Girl, check yoself.

Well, at least you have that going for you, Ellie. But what about pizza-flavored Pringles? Will you at least eat those? Or are you 100 percent alien?


Ugh...OK. Yes, we were warned that Ellie’s a vegan health nut. And judging by her constant flow of Instagram pics showing her insane abs and yoga poses (like this one from today), we know she likes to get up in the gym working on her fitness. But that does NOT mean you have to give up pizza. Case in point:


Luckily, one of Ellie’s famous (hopefully now) ex-friends called her out on her treason.

Thank you for fighting the good fight, Pete Wentz.

Needless to say, we’re pretty devastated over this sudden, shocking announcement. It means we can never listen to “Burn” the same way again, because Ellie’s probably singing about setting fire to all the pizza, which would make it burnt and inedible. Which figures! What a monster.

Danny Martindale/Getty Images, Tetra Images