The 'Scream' Killer Just Slaughtered (SPOILER)...AND Made A Bombshell Revelation

Who became the slasher's latest victim? And what is Emma's mother hiding?

The good news: After Will was viciously attacked by the killer on last week's "Scream," Emma, Noah, Jake and Brooke found him alive in an abandoned bowling alley.

The bad news: The H.S. jock's luck eventually ran out. In the very last scene of this week's episode, the psycho slasher targeted Will yet again -- and slaughtered him in what was by far one of the series' bloodiest murders yet.

Technically, though, good ol' mask-face didn't do the killing: Emma did. After arriving at Will's house for a visit, she got yet another phone call from the murderer.

"Game still on, and we're in the bonus round," he said menacingly. When the teen asked what he'd done with Will, he replied, "It's what YOU'RE going to do to him that's the real bitch."

And boy, did he mean it. When Emma raced to the backyard, she found Will bound and gagged, strategically placed in front of a piece of farm machinery. She frantically ran toward him but -- whoops -- tripped over a booby-trap cord that set the contraption in motion. In a scene that's bound to make slasher-show history, a motorized saw descended upon Will's head -- and thick gobs of his blood splattered Emma from head to toe.


Did anyone else cover their eyes during THAT one?

In happier news -- face it, we need some levity here -- Emma and her mother bonded earlier in the episode over Mrs. Duval's newfound honesty. Last week, Maggie had even brought Em to her childhood home and finally explained her relationship with Brandon James.

"He used to leave me gifts -- carvings, drawings of me. I wrote him notes," she had said. "Brandon wasn't a monster; he was my friend."

Now, on this week's episode, Maggie brought up her Brandon-laced past yet again, saying she was glad she'd finally revealed her secrets and even answering Emma's questions about the teen's now-MIA dad.

"Why'd he leave?" Emma asked.

"Not everyone likes to live with it," Maggie replied somberly, referencing the murder spree and all that followed.

Her last statement was dramatically proven later courtesy of -- you guessed it -- the killer. At the aforementioned bowling alley, the madman led Emma to a cassette tape labeled "PTSD - Kevin Duval"; on it was a recorded therapy session of her then-teenage father.

"How have you been sleeping, Kevin?" a doctor asked.

"I keep having nightmares," the youth replied. "About them, together. I can't get that image out of my head, hiding in that bowling alley. How could she sleep with that monster?"

Hold up, wait a minute...did Kevin just say Maggie did the deed with Brandon James? Sure sounds like it. And if he's right, what other tidbits of information did Mrs. Duval fail to tell Emma? What REALLY went on between her and Brandon? What more happened during their relationship? For God's sake, what ELSE is Maggie hiding?

Head to the comments section and offer your theories -- we KNOW you've got a few -- and offer your condolences for the dearly departed Will. Then be sure to tune in to another blood-soaked episode of "Scream" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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