Watch Kerry Washington Try To Get 'Scandal' Spoilers From Shonda Rhimes

Washington and Rhimes preview the most red wine-fueled night in TV history.

As Ellen Pompeo says, "Welcome to Shondaland" -- a universe populated by strong, complicated women like Olivia Pope and Meredith Grey, where literally anything goes except for spoilers.

In a new promo by ABC, Pompeo, Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, and awards darling Viola Davis ("The Help") sit down to discuss the network's new Thursday night line-up, which will soon feature Rhimes' Davis-starrer "How To Get Away With Murder" following her other bona fide hits, "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal." If math ain't your thing, that's three female-led dramas created by one female showrunner, all on one night. Washington isn't exaggerating when she calls it "historic."

The promo also features new footage from "Murder" as well as introductions to "Grey's" and "Scandal," but our favorite part was watching Washington and Pompeo try (and fail) to get spoilers.

"When we last saw Olivia Pope, she was sitting on a plane next to Jake Ballard," Washington says. "But we have no idea where she was going. Where am I going, Shonda? Where am I going?"


Shondaland kicks off September 25 on ABC.