Rob Kardashian Responds To Adrienne Bailon With Three Letters: 'FDB'

Rob retweets sister Khloe amidst Adrienne Bailon drama, but then shares adorable Twitter moment with Nicki Minaj.

Rob Kardashian has broken his silence on Adrienne Bailon's comments about their past relationship...sort of.

After the former Cheetah Girl made remarks in Latina magazine of how "disloyal" her former boyfriend of two years was and how she regrets being involved with the Kardashian family, Kim and Khloe, who was under the assumption that she had Adrienne were "cool," came to their brother's defense.

But, as for Rob, he remained silent on the matter, until big sis Khloe, tweeted out "FDB," translation "f--k dat bitch," which Rob was quick to retweet to his 5 million followers, letting those three letters speak volumes.

Rob hasn't made any other comments on his former girlfriend's claims, which also had her accusing him of strategically planning "things out so he could cheat on me, and that to me was disloyal," but he was pretty active on Twitter on Wednesday.

The reality star had an adorable moment on Twitter with the one and only Nicki Minaj. Rob reached out to the rapper after she thanked her fans, tweeting, "U guys give me so much life. Thank you." Rob, clearly a Nicki fan, retweeted her message, adding, "GOD BLESS YOU boo boo"

Shortly after, Nicki retweeted that message giving Rob a little shout out, tweeting, "hey boo" with a smiley face.