Michael Muller

Watch Lauren Conrad And Her 'Laguna' Pals Predict Where They'd Be In 10 Years...10 Years Ago

The 18-year-olds had big plans when they plotted out the next decade, way back in 2004.

With successful fashion lines in full swing, a number of books under her belt and what's sure to be a knockout wedding on the way, it's safe to say 28-year-old Lauren Conrad is living the good life. But did she see it all happening for herself when she was a wide-eyed 18?

While screening some old school "Laguna Beach" clips straight from 2004 (it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!), we stumbled upon a segment in which recent high school graduates LC, Lo Bosworth and their pals Christina Schuller and Morgan Olsen relax poolside and bask in the glow of their teenage freedom. Soon, conversation becomes a question of where the ladies see each other winding up in 10 years (that's 2014, if you're keeping score).

Some predictions are realistic ("You'll be married and living back here," Christina envisions of Morgan), others are dreamy ("You'll see Lo at the reunion waltzing in with her bling fur," Lauren anticipates), but what do the ladies foresee happening for Lauren, herself?

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