Every Time Samuel L. Jackson Says Motherf— All At Once (NSFW)

And now you can relive every moment all at once.

You know, if Samuel L. Jackson were to go into a patent office demanding copyright over one particular swear word, we'd be surprised if they didn't give him the sole, exclusive rights to it. Because if anyone has claim over the mastery of the word implying that your mother has been sufficiently boned, it is most assuredly Samuel L. Nobody says it like he does, nor with as much frequency, variety, and ferocity.

Like "Game of Thrones" own Hodor before him, Jackson has made his myriad variations of the phrase his own (Heck, he's even tweeted no less than 57 variations on the term). In fact we daresay it's 90 percent of his vocabulary, as evidenced by this fantastic supercut from the folks over at The Huffington Post.

So take it, Samuel. Go out there and grab that mother by the balls and own it. Because you do, at least in our eyes.

And, clearly, this video is NSFW. Unless your boss is one down-ass motherf--ker or something.