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Hey Taylor Swift, You're On G-Eazy's 'Wish List'

The Oakland rapper shouts out the singer on his new song 'Say.'

G-Eazy's tall, handsome and just released a successful independent album, These Things Happen. Plus he's got that hair. So why not try to kick some game to Taylor Swift?

The Oakland native does a bit of that on his new song, "Say," featuring French Montana, which he released on Tuesday (July 29). A dark-yet-triumphant beat backs the two MCs, who trade verses brimming with uber-confidence. And then there's that T. Swift shout out: "You, sir, are bitch-less/ A-List h--s, Taylor Swift is on my wish list," Gerald raps on his second verse.

Taylor has dated a few musicians in the past, so maybe G-Eazy could be next. Though she probably wouldn't appreciate being called a h--, so it may help if the next line dedicated to her is a bit more flattering.

These Things Happen is out now.