Go Inside The Austin Mahone Tour With These Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Photos

The director's seat, layups, and the red guitar: Get an inside look at Austin's headlining tour.

Austin Mahone's very own headlining tour kicked off Friday, July 25 in his home town of San Antonio, and while some Texan Mahomies got to see the whole production, very few people ever get to see what goes on behind the scenes. Thankfully, Austin took over MTV's Instagram that day to give us a look at his rehearsals.

Austin scopes out the stage

From behind the director's camera, Austin can see the stage from the audience's perspective.

Tours are hard work. Basketball helps.

Singing, dancing and wooing ladies -- gotta work on that cardio so you stay fit.

The whole set-up.

The Freeman Coliseum must be daunting for someone about to play a show there.

Practicing with Robert.

Robert Villanueva and Austin call themselves the Foolish 4, along with two of their other friends. Here, they rehearse a song that Robert raps on.

Slowing it down.

Austin's acoustic set was probably the best part of the night. Here he is with his red guitar.

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