Tearjerker Alert: Chloë Moretz Debuts 'If I Stay' At The mtvU Fandom Awards

Sniff sniff.

Is this our next "Fault In Our Stars," guys?

At the mtvU Fandom Awards on Sunday (July 27), Chloë Grace Moretz gave Comic-Con fans yet another memorable moment when she presented a clip from her upcoming drama, "If I Stay." In the brand new exclusive footage, we get a peek at Moretz' character, Mia, as she shares a romantic moment with her love interest in the film, Adam (Jamie Blackley).

"Why do I have this feeling you're about to mess up my entire life?" Mia asks.

Adam answers with a kiss, and it's clear from the dramatic music that, yes, Mia's life is about to get pretty messed up in one way or another. Trust us, guys -- you're going to want to bring tissues for this one:

"If I Stay" hits theaters on August 22.