Zachary Quinto Explains Why He Can't Return To 'Heroes'

Quinto also dishes on "Star Trek 3" and Benedict Cumberbatch.

When "Heroes: Reborn" was announced last spring we were excited, but also extremely curious as to which of the original series' stars would return. Would Hiro swing his sword once again? Would Hayden Panettiere get another chance to play the cheerleader saving the world? Would Zachary Quinto return as the evil, power-stealing Sylar?

Err, well, sounds like a pretty definitive "no" for that last one.

Quinto himself stopped by MTV News HQ at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, and decided to clarify his stance on "Heroes" once and for all.

"Tim [Kring] and I have actually been in touch," he explained, referring to the show's producer. "I love Tim Kring, I love what he does. His imagination, his mind, and his ability to execute it are all so impressive. He brought me in early, you know? He really changed my whole life in so many ways. I feel so excited for them, that they're doing it again."

Sounds great! However, Quinto's excitement does not, in this case, translate into appearing in the project.

"He has new, creative ideas that he wants to put out there, and so do I, in other ways," he continued. "We have connected about that. I wish them so much good fortune with it, I can't wait to watch it, but I don't think I'm going to be a part of it. We're all on different paths, and that path got me to where I am, but I can't just go back to it because of that. And I think he understands that."

Well, it certainly sucks, but it's understandable. For more from Quinto -- including progress on "Star Trek 3" and rumors about Benedict Cumberbatch -- check out the interview above!