Lee Pace

Sorry, Other Famous People: Lee Pace And Andy Serkis Are The Coolest Guys At Comic-Con

Every other actor, take note: this is how you treat fans.

San Diego Comic-Con is a wonderful experience 99 percent of the time, but even non-Con-goers have likely heard of its most insidious form of evil -- the lines. Specifically, the Hall H line. [Shudder.]

Fans will camp out for hours -- like, dozens of hours -- for seats at big-name panels like "The Walking Dead," Marvel, "Game of Thrones," anything Benedict Cumberbatch does, and, in this case, Warner Bros., but even queueing up the night before an event doesn't necessarily guarantee admission. It's a brutal and chaotic universe, kind of like Westeros, not that you'll be lucky enough to get in to see anybody from Westeros.

Now, most celebrities are busy and/or overwhelmed at SDCC, so they don't necessarily take the time out of their busy schedules to actually fraternize with the people who are sleeping on sidewalks and scamping on showers to spend an hour in the same room as them -- but, as we learned in the wee hours of Saturday, Lee Pace and Andy Serkis from "The Hobbit" aren't most celebrities. They're just a little bit cooler than that.

Basically, fans in the Hall H line got the surprise of their life at 2-ish in the freaking morning, when the biggest stars in "The Hobbit" trilogy came out to pose for photos, sign autographs, and basically shoot the you-know-what:

So sweet, right? Not everyday your life gets made by a midnight visit from Gollum. And of course, the fans all loved it:

I don't know, Cumberbatch -- looks like it's your move!