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This Is How Many Times I Counted Austin Mahone's Face On Stuff At His Concert

It's everywhere.

Before I headed down to San Antonio, Texas, for the opening show of the Austin Mahone Tour, I gave myself a challenge: see if you could count all the times you see Austin Mahone's face at the concert.

Well, Mahomies, I've failed. I couldn't count them all. Most of the time I was distracted, because, duh, there was a concert going on. And then my phone died. And actually, for a solo artist, I didn't really see the guy's face as much as I thought I would.

Nevertheless, Austin was still everywhere.

Like on the back of this girl's shirt.

This merch guy was wearing Austin's face as a cape.

Muhaha... spotted on a shirt.

On this flag.

At da outside merch table.

At da inside merch table.

This shirt too!

On this creative poster.

Onstage ;)