The 56 Austin Mahone Fans That Make Us Say 'MMM Yeah'

The Mahomies really brought it last night at the kick-off of the Austin Mahone Tour.

Not to brag or anything, but we were able to go to the first night of the Austin Mahone Tour on Friday night, and boy, did we have fun meeting hundreds of Mahomies. Oh yeah, and Austin was great too.

Here are the Mahomies that took it to the next level with their home-made shirts and intense posters. Awesome job, guys!

See the little girl on the left? She didn't know she was going to the concert until that morning when her mom surprised her. They made these shirts together.

These ladies welcomed Austin back to his hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Ten Mahomies, all in two rows.

They heart Austin.

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This girl wanted to pay homage to the nerdy side of Austin with her T-shirt.

A mom and her daughter couldn't wait to show off their sign.

Gotta love this hat.

The beanie, the sign. Everything.

Dads are the ultimate Mahomies.

It's true.

This Mahomie really wanted to get onstage.

And these ones had a huge proposition.

These fans were artists. And they had glowsticks. Glowsticks are a plus.

These Mahomies couldn't contain their love.