Real-Life Horror Movie: Granny Leaves Creepy Dolls On Neighbors' Porches

A well-intentioned elderly woman terrifies a community by leaving porcelain dolls on their front steps.

The beginning of this story is straight out of a well-made horror movie. One day, eight families in the same neighborhood of San Clemente, CA found porcelain dolls on their doorsteps. No notes or explanation accompanied them. Right away, that's f--king creepy. Imagine opening your door on an average day and seeing the cold stare of an antique doll. But it gets even odder than that. The 11 dolls were all left for families who have a daughter around 10 years old...AND each doll resembled the girls they were left for! What? I know. Wes Craven is stealing this for his next movie as I write.

The families called the cops. Orange County Sheriff Department tweeted the story asking for leads. Everyone's skin began crawling. Was it a horrible (kinda genius) prank? They hoped so, because the alternative was...well, I won't spoil the end of Wes Craven's next film.

Within five hours, sheriffs tweeted that the mystery had been solved. A little old lady had done it as a gesture of goodwill. She thought the girls would like the dolls as gifts and saw nothing weird about leaving them on their porches in the middle of the night (actually, I don't know if she did it in the middle of the night, but it makes the story better).

This story is a good reminder for young people to watch horror movies with your grandparents. That way they'll know when they're doing something that might terrify the entire community. It's not their fault, they just come from a different era. A generation that thought this was a cute advertisement (warning, this video will give you nightmares):