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Here's What Happened When Snooki's Son Went To A Wedding

Little Lorenzo was serving as the ring bearer -- until the terrible twos got in the way.

Between his slick dance moves and love of piano tunes, we expected Snooki's son Lorenzo to be a perfect wedding guest. But turns out, vow exchanges just aren't his bag.

Nicole's son was recently given the distinct honor of serving as ring bearer at her friend's wedding, she shared on her website yesterday, but it was all downhill as soon as the little guy put on his tuxedo.

"He wasn’t having it," she wrote. "He’s about to turn two soon so he’s in that stage where he is like ‘get away from me, I’m gonna do what I want…then he had to walk down the aisle, which didn’t happen. Hopefully for my wedding he will cooperate more! It was kind of a disaster, LOL."

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On the other hand, it looks like 'Enzo was the perfect little gentleman at Snooki's bridal shower last Sunday, which she explained will be featured on the upcoming season of "Snooki & JWOWW."

"I don’t like things that are so classy," she said of her party. "My bridal shower was dress-up and I had everyone come in Gatsby-themed outfits. I wanted it to be fun and for everyone to get their drink on."

Surprised to hear about 'Enzo's tantrum? And what do you think about Snooki's Roaring Twenties aesthetic? Share your thoughts in the comments below!