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Taylor Swift Has A New Younger Sister: Her 'Giver' Co-Star Odeya Rush

Stay tuned for family karaoke night

By Karen Yossman, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

It’s a brave man who would challenge Taylor Swift to karaoke, but then Australian actor Brenton Thwaites is made of sterner stuff, if only by virtue of being born in a country that is home to some of the most fearsome creatures on earth (just Google ‘The Huntsman Spider.' Or, on second thoughts, really don’t.)

Brenton, who appears opposite Swift in "The Giver," talked about his seven-time Grammy Award-winning co-star during a chat with MTV at San Diego Comic-Con, telling us, “She was great.... She came in with a great energy, very open and very keen to learn and share ideas, which can be hard with Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep and all these names on such a huge movie.”

And when asked if he’d had a chance to karaoke with Taylor, Brenton replied with classic Aussie enthusiasm: “Ah let’s do it, let’s do it. Taylor, let’s do a karaoke night!”

It'll be something of a family affair, because as co-star Odeya Rush explained, she and Swift became more than besties on set.

"We became really close," she told us. "Now she's like an older sister. She's so talented."