Nico Vega

Nico Vega's Lead Singer Used To Make Out With Her Hand

And now she's singing about it.

Nico Vega's new record, Lead To Light, is personal. No, I mean, it's really personal. So personal, in fact, that it includes a song about how lead singer Aja Volkman used to make out with her hand when she was a kid. You heard me.

"It's an honest record," Volkman told MTV News. "The first record that we did, [Nico Vega], focused a lot more on rallying together as a group of people and standing up for what you believe in ... [This one] is more about opening up and believing in yourself."

The band gave us a breakdown of each track on the record -- which is replete with the highs of lows of growing up and figuring who you are -- but two tracks stood out to us: album-opener "No Home" and "Back Of My Hand."

An anthemic track with a fist-pumping chorus, "No Home," Volkman said, is about "feeling alone in the world and sort of finding your home and making that home wherever you are."

It was also inspired by her move to LA around a decade ago. The alt-rock band is based out of California, where they formed in 2005 and dropped their self-titled debut in 2009. They have since toured with the likes of Neon Trees, Blondie, Metric and Imagine Dragons -- Volkman is married to lead singer Dan Reynolds.

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Although Volkman and Co. are more successful than most of their fellow LA residents, many of whom moved to the city to find fame and fortune, she recognizes the struggle of living there.

"There's a lot of people that feel lost and broken-hearted," she said. "[The song] speaks to that -- that part of each person that needs to create their own home to feel a space and a place in the world."

Nico Vega should have totally been featured in that Thirty Seconds To Mars "City Of Angels" video, don't you think? You really slept on that, Leto.

"Back Of My Hand" seems, at first, like a lighter-hearted tune (the chorus is, "I'd make out with the back of my hand/ I'd pretend it's a man"), but according to Volkman it's "a really personal song."

Her mom was a big inspiration for the jam, as she was a big supporter of the future singer. Volkman, however, was decidedly sensitive and emotional and her mom also used to call her "the human doormat," because she let people walk all over her. That's the conceit of the song -- "needing that sort of connection and attention and something," Volkman said.

I mean, I we've all felt that way, right? And I'm betting more than a few of us have locked lips with our mitts.

Lead To Light is out now.