Zac Efron, Now Justin Timberlake? Bowling With The Bros Is A New Celebrity Trend

Friends who bowl together, grow old together.

Forget the strip club or baseball game, when guys get together, there's no better way to own the night than by hurling a heavy ball at 10 pins at the end of a greasy, wooden alley.

That's right -- bowling with the bros is the new celebrity trend. (I'm calling it right now.) Justin Timberlake had a mini *NSYNC reunion last weekend with Chris Kirkpatrick, taking to the lanes of a Boston bowling alley, according to People.

And guess who else just went bowling on a bro-date? Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson. The two were spotted outside a Los Angeles bowling alley on Tuesday night.

Other excellent bowling dates?

Who could forget Lil Wayne and Katie Couric?

Austin Mahone and MTV correspondent Christina Garibaldi

Guns N' Roses

No video, available... maybe for the better...

Justin Bieber and his mom

Justin Bieber and Ludacris

Do you like bowling? Of course you do! Share your highest score in the comments below, and maybe Justin Timberlake will challenge you to a game. But probably not.