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Terrifying Amusement Park Ride In Denmark Drops You Off A 100-Foot Tower


If ordinary amusement parks have become too tame for you, and the world's most extreme waterslide just isn't extreme enough, perhaps you'd like to consider a trip to the Tivoli Friheden theme park in Denmark, where they are only too delighted to strap you into a harness hanging from a 100-foot metal tower... and then cut the harness off, sending you plummeting toward the earth, where you will fall into a safety net with a renewed appreciation for your brief, precious mortal life and a freshly soiled pair of underpants.

This fearsome apparatus is known as the SCAD Tower, and as you can see in this video of various folks taking the plunge, the actual fall lasts just a couple of seconds. So, y'know, it could be scarier. But it's still enough time for at least one rider to pass the ultimate free-fall terror test, i.e. screaming, running out of air, and taking a second breath in order to continue screaming before impact, so it couldn't be much scarier.