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Need To Know: Zach Braff Can't Wait To Meet One Of His Fans

Plus, Hilary Duff signs a record deal.

With additional reporting by Janelle Myers

'Wish I Was Here' Actor Records A Video For A Fan

Zach Braff expressed his gratitude to one fan named Mattias and said he "can't wait to meet him one day" in this short and sweet video. Mattias' friend, who knew his pal had watched "Scrubs" every day for years, recorded the video when he ended up in a car with the “Wish I Was Here” actor.

What's The Deal With Hilary?

Hilary Duff just signed to RCA Records, according to Billboard. The actor-turned-singer will also drop her single "Chasing The Sun" on July 29.

The Best-Looking Bromance

Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson had a ball on their bromantical bowling date on Tuesday night in LA. Did the pins fall at the sight of them?

The Biebs Is Such A Tease

Justin Bieber rolled out with a slew of samples of new music on Instagram Tuesday night. He showcased eleven songs with everything from a sweet ballad to a party anthem thrown into the mix.

Must-See Video Of The Day

"Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt stopped his interview with "Entertainment Tonight" to French-braid one lucky intern's hair, proving he can add "mad hair styling skills" to his resumé.

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