Calling All Mac Miller Fans: Now You Can Go On A 'Most Dope' Adventure!

Find out how you can win a once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

Ever watch an episode of "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" and wish your life was as dope as Mac Miller's? Well, now it can be!

MTV2 has launched "From Pittsburgh to Paris: The #MostDopeAdventure Sweepstakes,” in which one lucky super-fan -- and three friends from their own "Most Dope" family -- can win a trip to one of the lavish locations from Mac's Season 2 travels.

If partying in Paris, dancing in Dublin, laying out in Los Angeles, surfing in Hawaii or even hanging out in Mac's hometown of Pittsburgh interests you, here's how you can enter to win in two easy steps:

1. Upload a photo of yourself from your own personal adventure to either Twitter, Instagram or the "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" Facebook page using the hashtag #MostDopeAdventure.

2. Get everyone you know -- even your next-door neighbor -- to vote for your pic! The top 25 photos with the most votes will be entered into a lottery, where MTV2 will then choose one lucky winner at random.

The grand prize includes airfare, hotel, car service and daily expenses. Click here for all official details.

Don't hesitate. ENTER NOW!