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Busta Rhymes Left Cash Money With No Hard Feelings, After Talking With Birdman

Busta and Birdman talked things out peacefully.

Busta Rhymes is prepping his 10th album, Extinction Level Event 2, for release in the near future, but it won't arrive via his most recent label, Cash Money Records. During a visit to Sirius XM's "Sway in the Morning," Bussa Buss confirmed that he parted ways with the team due to creative differences.

He emphasized that there was no bad blood, however, noting that he and Birdman talked things out peacefully and respectfully.

"I was there with for two years and the opportunity was a great opportunity at the time, because of the type of deal that was done," Busta explained. "For me, with this particular project and all of the sacrifice that went into it -- recording the album for five years, I [lost] Chris Lighty making this album, I [lost] my father making this album -- the sh-- I was putting into this album, I'm not compromising my vision for it."

"So if I feel like if, in the slightest way, we ain't facilitating everything necessary for the vision to be seen and executed in the way I'm envisioning this sh-- for the last five years, let me live and die in my own own inequity."

No word on if he plans to sign another deal, or go the indie route. His latest release was "Calm Down" featuring Eminem and this week he dropped an alternate version sans Shady.

Hear Busta talk about recording "Calm Down" with Eminem in the video below.