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11 Normal Sentences That Work Better Than Pick-Up Lines

Did it hurt when you fell to the lowest common denominator and used a stock pick-up line? Stop creeping everyone out, guys. Use these icebreakers instead.

The problem with pick-up lines is that they make guys sound desperate, manipulative or both. A man who can actually hold a conversation is a lot more attractive than one who remembers a bunch of cheesy or gross "conversation starters" (more like "enders") from the internet. Here are regular sentences that would be a lot more effective at impressing most ladies...

1. "My favorite meal to cook is probably [insert any food item that cannot be purchased at a gas station]."

2. "Wow. Jennifer Lawrence has an amazing brain."

3. "I've never seen 'Sex in the City,' but girls always tell me I'm an Aidan."

4. "I'm working tomorrow."

5. "Can I buy you a fro yo?"

6. "You have a great laugh."

7. "Wait. Tell me more about this Brooke character at the office."

8. "He's a rescue."

9. "I have an extra jacket in my car."

10. "Do you play volleyball?"

11. "Really? You look like this girl I know who plays volleyball. She models, too, I think. But you're thinner than her."