Get Your Daily Dose Of Cats Playing Synthesizers With 'Runaway'

sELF lets the felines take center stage in their new video.

Did you find yourself thinking yesterday, why haven't I seen any videos of a cat mixing some sweet melodies on a synthesizer?

Thankfully, 20-year musical veteran Matt Mahaffey has delivered on this request under the guise of sELF, a Tennessee alt-rock band. Their latest music video features a cast of furry felines strumming, drumming and grooving to the synthy up-beat sound of "Runaway."

sELF will drop their 10th studio album, Super Fake Nice on July 29.

Check out these cat-tastic highlight GIFs:

Like a bawse.

Fly, kitties. Fly!

Tap, tap, tappin' to the beat.

Cat stop, won't stop.