We Forced 5SOS To Eat Chinese Food, And This Is What Happened

Our challenge was called 'Potsticker Pig-out' for a reason...

Om nom nom. 5 Seconds of Summer may have forgotten they told us they like Chinese food, but we didn't. So when they came to the newsroom for "Live from MTV" on Monday, we forced them to eat a whole lot of it.

Host Christina Garibaldi challenged the guys to a game called "Potsticker Pig-out," where Michael, Luke, Calum and Ashton raced each other in an eating contest. They had 30 seconds to eat as many dumplings as they could. They were confused: "What's a potsticka?"

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And while Michael couldn't stomach more than one -- after all, we never really found out what was inside of those potstickers -- see how the other guys fared in "Potsticker Pig-out."

After that, there were rumors that fans stole the empty Chinese food containers (and that the MTV crew finished off Michael's dumplings). But, you know, those are just rumors...