'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Jo And Vee Have Attended Isaac's Birthday Party?

Kailyn invited her ex and his girlfriend to the little boy's festivities, but they were no-shows.

With their tense custody issues in the past, Kailyn and Jo have been making every effort to co-parent their son Isaac civilly. And on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2," the young mom attempted to take a big step forward with her ex and his girlfriend Vee: she invited them both to Isaac's fourth birthday party.

During a meal out with friends, Kailyn explained that she wanted Jo to be a part of the festivities for Isaac's sake -- despite any awkwardness between her and Vee.

"I didn't like her in the beginning because I wasn't over Jo, or like I was, but I didn't want anyone else to have him," Kail revealed to her pals, adding that Jo and Vee have been in a relationship for two years and it's time for her to "move on."

After Kailyn extended the birthday invitation over the phone, Jo told her that Vee has wanted to reconcile with Kailyn for "a while now." But when he brought up the subject with his girlfriend, she was unsure about attending the event and having "all eyes on her."

Jo understood. "I don't mind missing it because I already had a birthday party with Isaac," he said. But Vee seemed to waver when she thought about future celebrations -- and Isaac's possible desire to have both of his parents in the same room for them. And Jo himself admitted, "I don't like having to keep distance and stuff like that."

Regardless, the couple eventually decided against going to the birthday bash, a choice that left Kailyn surprised and disappointed.

"He claims to be this great dad, and I thought maybe he would be like, 'Let me go see where my son is living,'" she told some of her guests.

Kailyn tried to ensure that Isaac had both parents present at his party, but Vee had some concerns of her own. And while Jo certainly needs to show support for his current love, even he admitted that he needs to try to eventually come together with the mother of his child for future milestones.

+ Should Jo and Vee have put on a united front and gone to Isaac's birthday bash? Or was it best for them to decline and keep their celebrations separate? Take our poll, and be sure to keep watching "Teen Mom 2" on Wednesdays at 10/9c.

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